Kelli O.

The changes I have experienced in my PMS symptoms have been remarkable. My headaches right before and right after my cycle have completely gone away. My cramps are barely noticeable and my energy levels and mood have significantly improved!


Anna has shown me how to track my phases and has shown me what I can do to support myself in each phase.


I have become more empowered and understanding of how and why I am feeling the way I do, and she helped me figure out the tools that work for me.


Anna is very compassionate and motivating as I work through this process, always there to answer all my questions and helps me figure out my concerns. I couldn't ask for a better teacher and supporter as I walk though this process. 

Sue T.

I started my weight loss journey in December. I lost a few pounds but was not happy with my health or how my body looked.


With Anna's help, I'm down quite a few pounds. She not only helped me lose weight, but my health also improved. She gave me suggestions on how I can achieve a more healthy me.


Now that I see the tummy going away, I feel more confident in my body. She gives me the tools that I need to keep on the journey of weight loss.

Natalie S.

I was looking for information and accountability to support me in balancing my hormones, understanding and evening out my energy fluctuations. I learned great information that supported me in these goals.


Seed cycling has been very impactful. It has already lowered my PMS symptoms. My supplements seem to be paced out better. My understanding and acceptance of my energy fluctuations and how they move throughout my cycle has improved, too.

Anna was consistent, helpful, kind, funny and engaging. I appreciated every step along the way from the initial consultation to the content in the group. She created an accepting, inviting and encouraging atmosphere. 

This was worth doing! Every woman should learn and find a way to implement this information!


Amber C.

The hormone questionnaire really helped to see where I am at hormonally and where I can work on with just simple steps.


I'm at the beginning of implementing them, but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how their hormones work and how to get them back in balance.