Self-esteem: lessons from a morning cuddle with my daughter

Julia and I this morning. We are having a morning of no-rush, cuddle, talk and see what's up on Facebook.

She's little and there's things she shouldn't see.

But we can safely scroll together because I've shut out the ugly noise on my feed.

Instead, we laughed at a baby talking with his dad, saw a family member's trip to California, talked about bridges, fog and the many pictures of kids growing up. She saw nature photos, families, people helping others.

There were a couple things we scrolled past, like the before and after transformation

pics of women in swimsuits.

{TRUTH moment here}

I've posted a few of those before with my biz,

but now I know better so I do better.

My 40 year old self-esteem {and her 5 year old self-esteem} doesn't need to be subliminally influenced to think that one is "good" and "bad".

It's a delicate balance between showing my daughter that change is possible {and often needed for health} and loving yourself at the present moment.

That both contentment and improvement can happen simultaneously.

My mom used to let us

cuddle with her on slow mornings.

This time is not wasted.

It's invested.

In silly laughter, safety to share dreams, space to let the "I love yous" bubble up and out.

I cherish these precious moments.

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