111 Days to Happier Hormones

synching holistic health practices with your lifestyle to support a happier & healthier monthly cycle 

Four Weeks Repeat

You want to feel

alive & free

confident & energetic

creative & motivated

positive, happy

& rested

let's do this


Four Weeks Repeat

A guided self-paced course where you will learn how your hormonal system works, how to eat & exercise in sync with it to increase your energy, improve your mood & reduce period discomfort.

what's included?

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your hormonal system

-how your endocrine system works

-the role of toxins & detoxification

-what birth control has to do with it

-the four phases of your hormonal cycle

-lifestyle changes to support your hormones

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group coaching

-1x per week group coaching calls via zoom (recording will be sent to you)

-teaching topic that expands on the theme of the week

-time for your reflections & a Q&A session

-invitation to join my free Facebook community

*1:1 coaching only available for clients who choose to upgrade their nutrition support

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recipes synced with your cycle

-principles for eating in sync with your hormones

-seed cycling recipes

-a mini-pack of cycle-snyced recipes created exclusively for this program by a professional chef

-access to a full 28 day meal plan at a discounted rate

-an invitation to upgrade your nutrition to keep it simple, sustainable & convenient for your busy life



personalize your exercise

-principles for adapting your favorite exercises to your specific cycle-based hormonal needs

-learn how to maximize the benefits of your hormones to support your fitness goals

-resources & support to help you discover movement that makes you happier & healthier

How is the course set up?

The course is located on Anna's website.

When the doors open, you will have access to the course.

All instructions will be emailed to you after enrolling.

The course has...

5 modules

plus a hormone questionnaire

 Each module has 4-5 themes.

17 weeks of self-paced content

i n c l u d i n g

your endocrine system

birth control


seed cycling

macro/micro nutrients

botanicals & supplements

exercise & movement

deep dive into each of the 4 phases

lifestyle action steps

Each theme coordinates with a chapter or section of our textbook.

(which you will order separately after enrolling in the course)

It's less than $20!

Each module & theme have a variety of...

teaching videos from Anna

readings from the textbook

various printables for you to take notes

guidance for tracking your weekly hormonal data

discussion questions, self-reflection & goal-setting

access to resources for more information or support

Each week, you have access to a group coaching zoom call.

Anna will teach on a topic (sequentially through the module themes),

answer any questions & allow for discussion time.

If you can't make the live session, you will get the recording link.

You go through the course at your own pace.

You enjoy lifetime access to current content & all future content with no added cost.

Sure, but when was the last time you bought a self-help book & promptly forgot to either read it or never did what it taught?

You were missing a community of people to support you!

You were missing a teacher who could guide you!

You were getting the info but taking no action.

That changes now.

Anna is a K-12 licensed & certified professional teacher

with over 15 years experience teaching elementary,

middle & high schoolers. She can guide YOU!

Making complex concepts easy to understand is her

zone of genius.

She's the teacher. You're the student.

She wants YOU to become an expert in & an advocate for

your own hormonal health.

Can't I just buy the book?

Are you ready?

111 Days to Happier Hormones

synching holistic health practices with your lifestyle to support a happier & healthier monthly cycle 

Say yes to more energy, a happier period, a balanced way of eating & exercising, a community of support & most importantly, a happier YOU.

Ok. Yes! I want in.