Hello! I'mAnna!

This is the place where you list all your credentials, fancy letters and degrees. Well, you aren't gonna find them here.
Well, wait.  I am a K-12 Certified Teacher with a master's degree & 17 years experience with middle & high schoolers! 
I'm also a mom of 2 (we should all have credentials for that!)! I also keep the cat alive, & a husband, too. 
How did I get to be your Hormone Harmony Guide?
A few years ago, I was sick & tired of being told that I would get my energy back when my kids got older.
They kept getting older & I kept getting more tired!
The point of no return for me was when I contemplated going to the doctor to get some help for what I thought was depression. (Please see your doctor if you are experiencing signs of depression!) But before I had a chance to make an appointment, a not-so-coincidental meeting happened. My friend Michelle taught me how to eat better & take care of my stress & get toxins out of my body. Needless to say, I never made that doctor appointment. 
Obviously, I am not claiming that my experience will be yours because, duh, we are all different.
After spending quite a bit of time healing from the inside out & easing back into exercise through yoga...
The "me" before babies.
Well, an even BETTER "me". 
Mental Clarity.
But I still struggled with my cycle.
Bad cramping.
Mood swings.
Muscle pain during my period.
I knew there was a better way to live.
...and I discovered what I teach you...
Other fun facts
I can't tell a joke without laughing at the punch line before I say it, then the joke's not funny anymore.
I've hiked 2 volcanoes in my life - Voclan Pacaya in Guatemala & Haleakala in Maui.
Grew up on a dairy farm. City girl now.
I dye my hair because, well, I want to.
People tell me I give off a warm, welcoming vibe & that I make them feel really comfortable & accepted.
I hate personality tests, but I love knowing I'm an "obliger" (The Four Tendencies) -- if you haven't taken your tendency quiz, do it...it helps me know how to hack myself so I can actually get sh*t done!
Don't ask me what enneagram type I am. You'll just get a blank start. A request to know my Myers-Briggs type will get you a snort & a laugh.
What do we have in common?
We are both women who want to feel our best so we can live our lives without feeling like we're crazy!
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