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Four Weeks Repeat

empowering you to eat & exercise in harmony with your cycle

you feel stressed out, burnt out & exhausted

your brain is foggy

you feel unsexy, bloated & moody

your workouts aren't working

you only have one good week a month

you have pms & feel not-so-good that week

you are tired

Anna, you just described me

I just want to feel like myself again.

 You've tried all the diets. The struggle is still there. You can't think straight. Especially when PMS hits. Crabby, achey. Tossing & turning at night. 

Wondering when you'll get your mojo back.

You wonder where the real you went.

Where is she?


so you can live your extraordinary life

ease ~ balance ~ joy


I empower you to eat & exercise

in harmony with your cycle.

Feel your best all month long

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Four  Weeks Repeat

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A man's hormonal cycle is 24 hours long.

He has the same hormonal body every day.


Your hormonal cycle is about 28 days.

You have a different body every week!

You are not a man.

Why are you still eating & exercising like one?

Four Weeks Repeat is a guided 111 day program that teaches you holistic health practices to help you understand your body & shows you how to eat & exercise for your cycle so you can start feeling your best all month long.

Who IS this for?

This program is most suitable for women who are menstruating & may experience monthly discomfort. If you are using a birth control & you either have or do not have a period, this will benefit you as well.


Who is this NOT for?

It is not specialized for women with endometriosis or PCOS or other hormonally related diseases or diagnosis. These strategies could help begin the process of endometriosis/PCOS support, but seeking support through PCOS/Endometriosis focused courses & coaches may be a better fit for you.

Check out Amy Medling at her website (not affiliated).